Edepth Angel: Pinocchio's Murder

released in 2017
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Follow the story of Angel, a young nurse for cyborgs, as she unravels the mystery of her friends' pasts and the conspiracy behind her very existence that is linked to a dark family secret spanning a life time. Was there a murder or was it an accident or is it all a misunderstanding? Are her friends Lien and Kolei just puppets, cyborg Pinocchios without freewill and humanity? Be the fairy that grants peace and a regular life to long suffering friends or meddle too much for your own good... The game can split into the focus of three people: Lien, Kolei and Seon; Seon is only reachable at a certain point during the other two's routes but all intertwine with each other. Explore multiple settings, investigate, collect evidence, present findings to prove your case and make choices to determine Angel's fate as well as her friends. Multiple paths to various endings!

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