Dynasty Tactics

released in 2002
  • pcsx2 Sony PlayStation 2 version


The makers of Dynasty Warriors present a revolutionary new look at Tactical Simulation entertainment! Fire Attacks! Rockslides! Ambushes! Obliterate entire armies with Tactical Combos! Achieve victory in battle through careful planning! Focus on the tactical elements and plan ahead and unleash powerful sequences of attacks, defeating thousands of enemies instantaneously!

Recruit powerful officers, build a powerful army and conquer 60 key cities in the land of China

The game features multiple endings, which create a faithful re-enactment of history, where player decisions and battle results effect the ending – the possibilities are endless

Unleash tactical combos! All officers in charge of units have special attacks, and when positioned and timed right, one special attack may set off another unit's special attack, creating a "tactical combo"

Dynamic, realistic battlefields! Great environmental effects, such as dust clouds and mud splashes emulate the thrill and suspense of battle. Cinematic effects intensify the exhilaration of combat

Dolby Digital 5.1ch surround sound for thrilling sound effects and music on the battlefield.

  • Genre: RPG, Turn-based strategy, Turn-based tactics
  • Platform: Sony PlayStation 2


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