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Open engine only

  • DOSBox GOG version last published 1 year, 1 month ago , last edit made 3 months ago

    Dungeon Keeper Gold from GOG

    Recent GOG installer required (v2 or above).
    Tip: press Alt+R in-game to double the resolution (at the cost of bad performance).

  • Wine KeeperFX 0.4.8 version last published 4 months, 1 week ago , last edit made 1 month ago

    This script installs KeeperFX by downloading Dungeon Keeper by GOG and patching it. You have to buy Dungeon Keeper by GOG for this to work.

    -KeeperFX 0.4.8 ("https://github.com/dkfans/keeperfx")
    -Needs Dungeon Keeper from GOG
    -Starts launcher.exe after installation to change the settings
    -Visit "keeperklan.com" for more Dungeon Keeper Content

  • Wine [Patch] GOG - KeeperFX 0.4.5 version last published 5 years, 3 months ago , last edit made 2 years ago

    KeeperFX engine patch for the GOG version. KeeperFX is an improved, libre engine for Dungeon Keeper allowing higher resolutions and better performance.

    - IMPORTANT: When asked about installing Java, answer NO.
    - Music won't play. This should be fixed with a future version of KeeperFX.
    - Tip: press Alt+R in-game to double the resolution.

Dungeon Keeper takes real-time strategy into a fantasy setting. You command a dungeon and its hellish minions, and must take them to glory against the hated good guys. You must use your gold to build a fortress and weapons to attack.

As well as being able to rotate the 3D view, and control the light source, you can enter the direct viewpoints of your men, to see life through their eyes (one character's mode goes into black and white for this).