• Genre: Real-time strategy
  • Platform: Amiga, Linux, MS-DOS, Sega Genesis / Mega Drive
  • Developer: Westwood
  • Publisher: Virgin
  • Release year: 1992

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He who controls the spice...
Controls the Universe.

Inspired by the best-selling science fiction adventure of all time, this simulation-strategy game takes resource management to epic proportions. As either the honorable Atreides, the mysterious Ordos or the brutal Harkonnens, you must overcome violent known and unknown adversaries to build up military prowess, political security and mining monopolies to secure the future of your dynasty on the planet of Dune.

* Three very different Houses to choose from
* Real-time action is easy to control and fun to play
* Over 1 megabyte of digitized speech and sounds make combat exciting and realistic
* Build tanks, trikes, turrets and more as you defend your cities and wage wars
* Discover lost technology and secret weapons
* Set your war machines in motion and watch the battle or closely control their moves
* Capture enemy Houses to gain control of the planet