Drifting Souls 2

released in 2003

Drifting Souls 2 (DS2) is a browser game that has been around since 2003.

It is a very detailed, simultaneous, turn-based space strategy game with a lot of micromanagement (your ship crews could starve to death, for example), huge RPG elements and a very productive community. In addition, there are many possibilities for PvP, PvE or for trading. The story is based on the Freespace computer games from 1998-1999 and is constantly being developed, although it is already 15 years old.

There are no ways to buy in-game content, so P2W does not exist in DS2. The maintenance costs for the game are covered by voluntary sponsors or the developers themselves. Behind the game is no big company, but voluntary players. The unofficial motto is: "From players for players!".

At the moment DS2 is only available in German.

Let's go! Discover the universe!
Decide whether you want to fight on the Terran or Vasudan sides. Colonize asteroids, build civilian and warships! Form alliances with other players! And defend yourself against the mighty Shivans!

  • Genre: Management, MMO, Sandbox, Turn-based strategy, Turn-based tactics
  • Platform: Browser
  • Website: ds2.drifting-souls.net

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