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The evil vampiric Count Drascula has a plan to conquer the world. Building an army of monsters created from parts of corpses reanimated by a machine of his invention called "The Indifibulator", he plans to take over the whole planet... Ok, maybe it's not such a good plan, but he is determined to carry it out. The only thing he really needed was a "brand new and unused brain". And beautiful innocent Billie Jean's brain was the best candidate.
So Count Drascula kidnapped the girl and took her captive to his castle.

But the fearsome vampire didn't figure on the brave Johnny Hacker, a real estate agent in business trip to Transylvania who happens to be in love with Billie Jean, and will do anything to rescue her.

Thus begins "Dráscula", Alcachofa Soft's first game, a hilarious adventure that you can now enjoy in a multitude of platforms thanks to our friends of ScummVM. And for free!