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The game is based upon The Dark Eye (Das Schwarze Auge) rules system, and the graphics are generated using the Nebula Device graphics engine developed by Radon Labs.
The game begins with only the main character. Throughout the quest, the player will be able to recruit additional characters of different races and classes. The game allows players to create a party with up to four characters.
There are eight primary attributes, and an extensive array of talents. The broad categories are Combat talents (further divided into 13 talents with specific weapon types), Magic Talents (consisting of individual spells) and Regular Talents (containing 24 talents divided into 5 sub-categories, governing the character's non-combat skills, from crafting to social interaction).
The main character receives a letter asking for assistant from an old friend named Ardo, now living in Ferdok. On the way, the character arrives at the hamlet of Avestrue and finds that the word of two notables persons are needed to proceed to the city. The characters Rhulana the amazon and Dranor the thief are met here. Upon reaching Ferdok, the character learns of the reason for the access restrictions. Recently, Ferdok is shaken by a series of gruesome deaths, and Ardo is one of the victims. Thus begins a lengthy investigation to find the connection and put a stop to the murders. They turns out to be the work of the Dragon cultists, an ancient cult which serve Ardakor, an ancient evil dragon.