Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes

released in 1989
  • libretro Nintendo Wii version
  • mame PC-98 version
  • libretro Sega Genesis / Mega Drive version
  • mame X68000 version

In this epic role-playing game, you must guide Prince Logan all accross the beautiful and dngerious world of Isrenasa in the quest to regain his throne. This game features a huge world to explore and many companions to join you on your journey. This game features one of the largest quests and most advanced interface of any role-playing game for the TurboDuo system.

  • Platform: FM Towns, MSX2, Nintendo Wii, PC-8801, PC-98, Satellaview, Sega Genesis / Mega Drive, Super Famicom, Turbografx-16/PC Engine CD, Windows, X68000


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