Dragon Knight IV

released in 1994
  • libretro Sega Saturn version
  • libretro Sony PlayStation version
  • libretro Super Nintendo version
  • mame X68000 version

Dragon Knight 4 (ドラゴンナイト4) is an erotic role-playing video game developed by ELF Corporation and released only in Japan for several platforms between 1994 and 1997. In 1994, the game first became available for PC MS-DOS, NEC PC-9801 and X68000, with a censored version ported to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1996 and later to the PC-FX, PlayStation and Sega Saturn in 1997. It was also adapted into illustrated novels and an anime miniseries.

Dragon Knight 4 is a continuation of the Dragon Knight series, and a sequel to Knights of Xentar. Dragon Knight 4 has a new protagonist, Kakeru, the son of Takeru from the previous games.


  • Genre: Turn-based tactics
  • Platform: FM Towns, MS-DOS, NEC PC-FX, Sega Saturn, Sony PlayStation, Super Nintendo, X68000

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