released in 2001

The year is 1999 and I followed my dream to finally create a cool game. Without any money and with no Unity/Godot/Unreal Engine available for free I used the only tool that I could get my hands on: Visual Basic, Paint and Fast-Tracker. I started with a little ship that fired on asteroids and showed my masterpiece around. I started to create a first level with my own level-editor and asked everybody for help and to join me. Till the end coding was my responsibility, but every time when my motivation left me, some new music or some new graphic lay around in my inbox. One time I was especially surprised when Malte Kollmann send me a complete new level (- it's the last level before the final boss)! He learned my level-editor by himself. In the end, two years later, everything came together to a great game and in my mind - beside the bad graphics - DOVE still stands the test of time.

There was no Indie-scene and no Steam in the old times. I tried to send the game to different download-portals and some time even the big German magazine "Computer Bild Spiele" released DOVE on CD. I also heard the rumor, that DOVE was mentioned in the TV-Series COPS.

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