• Genre: Platform
  • Platform: NES
  • Release year: 1988

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Since 1981 Donkey Kong has reigned supreme in arcades the world over. However, it took the power of the Nintendo Entertainment system to finally capture gaming’s Greatest Ape and bring all that fun to the comfort of your home. Donkey Kong Classics is a game cartridge that contains not only the original arcade sensation that placed you head to head against to barrel- chucking, construction site crushing, girlfriend-grabbing gorilla, but also its sequel! Donkey Kong Jr, turned the tables by letting you play the simian son of Donkey Kong, fighting to free his father from the cage of an understandably miffed Mario. The fact that the Nintendo managed to pack the entire contents of two arcade cabinets into a single plastic cartridge remains an incredible feat that probably saved you more than a few quarters at the mall.