DOFUS Touch (Lindo)

released in 2016 by Ankama published by Ankama
  • Linux 32 bit version last published 3 years, 2 months ago
    Lindo allows you to play DOFUS Touch without an Android emulator, it's entirely coded in JavaScript via Electron & Angular. Lindo is totally corss-platform.
    Lindo version 2.3 is not support on 32 bits OS
  • Linux Main version last published 2 years, 5 months ago
    Lindo allow you to play DofusTouch without android emulator, it's entirely coded in javascript via electron & angular. Lindo is totally cross-platform.

Lindo is an independant software and is not affiliated in any way with Ankama

Ankama prohibit any unofficial client, Lindo does't respect the TOU.

The use of Lindo is a reason of ban, use it at your own risk.

A peaceful planet, over which reigned the magic of the Dofus - six dragon eggs, symbols of power and bringers of hope - until the terrible day they were stolen. Since then, the harmony has been disturbed. Elements and monsters have gone wild. The world needs a hero!
The adventurer who manages to find the Dofus will go down in history...

In DOFUS Touch, you determine your character's fate. Which god are you going to worship? What specialty will you master? Which professions are you going to excel in? Which headgear will go best with your huge sword?There are so many choices that can write your own story!

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