• Genre: Fighting
  • Platform: Sony PlayStation
  • Developer: Bandai
  • Publisher: Bandai
  • Release year: 2001

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Cute, Cuddly, and Ready to Rumble! Digimon Rumble Arena comes to life in this truly Digimonumental release! With user friendly controls and loads of adventure, it's easy to learn, yet hard to put down. Fun for the entire family, Digimon Rumble Arena provides classic fighting gameplay for 1 or 2 players, as they compete as one of their favorite Digimon characters in an exciting... exhilarating... digivolving battle!

* Play as or against your favorite Digimon character! Featuring a cast of Digimon from season 1 through season 3 on air now!
* Packed full of Digi-fun! Multiple levels, pitfalls and other surprising traps and features make for a family-fun Digimon competition!
* Use items to empower your Digimon with extra special fighting techniques or powers.
* Avoid Traps! Battle your Digimon through falling icicles, moving conveyor belts, mechanical arms, falling platforms, and more!
* Extra Mini Games add to the fun, and bolster your overall score!
* For 1 or 2 Players! Fun for the whole family!