Diablo: Hellfire

released in 1997
  • Wine CD version last published 1¬†year, 3¬†months ago
    Installs the game from original CD. Applies the last official patch (v1.01). Patches a single byte in storm.dll to allow playing without the CD. Patches a single byte in hellfrui.dll to enable multiplayer.
    When prompted by the original installer, be sure to check both "Music Files" and "Hi-res voice files".

    Note: Game menus are graphically broken, but you can get them to appear if you repeatedly press up or down keyboard arrows. The menu entry which doesn't show the pentagram sign is the one you have selected.
  • auto GOG(Auto) version
    Make sure you have connected your GOG account in Lutris and that you own this game.

In 1997, over a million people went to Hell.

Now it's time to go back.

* New character class - The Monk
* 6 new randomly generating dungeon levels
* 5 mysterious new spells
* 12 new weapons to wreak havoc with
* 29 powerful new demons from hell

  • Genre: Adventure, Dungeon crawl
  • Platform: Windows


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