Destruction Derby 2

released in 1996
  • libretro Sony PlayStation version

Now joining the original Destruction Derby in the Platinum range, this all new and improved version is exactly what lovers of the original have been waiting for. More races, more destruction, more everything. Four Bowls . . .7 race tracks . . .features including tunnels, banked corners, humps, jump ramps, twist jumps, and pit stops for instant repairs. The game is divided into 4 sections; Wreckin' Racing, Stock Car Racing, Destruction Derby and Time Trials.

Destruction Derby 2 features some spectacular 3D crash sequences - when the cars sustain damage, they lose bits of bodywork, and can also flip, roll and cartwheel in real-time before hitting the dirt. There are new special effects like shooting flames and flying sparks when cars collide. Realism is also enhanced by the nifty suspension system which gives the cars a handling feel like the real thing.

  • Genre: Car combat, Racing
  • Platform: MS-DOS, Sony PlayStation, Windows


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