• Genre: Arcade, Racing, Sports
  • Platform: Sega Dreamcast, Sony PlayStation, Windows
  • Developer: Z-Axis
  • Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment
  • Release year: 2000

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Remember BMXing? Well, it's back to excite us once more. No longer a poor relation to trendy skating, BMXing has evolved, and Dave Mirra is its world champion.

This game features 10 pro bikers and 12 different environments. You'll be amazed at some of the tricks the guys in this game can pull off - they seem to defy gravity. Watch in wonder as your biker flies through the air in a range of spectacular stunts, working your way up higher levels to end at Woodward, Dave's own park.

With appeal for bikers and skateboarders alike, this game is biking at its bumpy best!