• Steam (Windows) Steam version last published 5 years ago

    Don't change the shadows quality in the games settings above medium or the game will crash before entering the main menu.
    If you have and want to fix it, you can follow the instructions posted here:
    https://steamcommunity.com/app/388410/discussions/0/496880503063789705/ (replace the steam id with 50650)

    Disable antialiasing to avoid graphical glitches.

Darksiders II features four difficulties as well as many RPG qualities including a leveling system that is progressed through killing enemies and completing quests. It also features a loot system that is leveled related to both the players themselves and the enemies that drop the them upon their deaths, such as armor or weapons. This also applies to loot that is found in chests. Players have two choices of weapons, "light" (Scythes) or "heavy" (miscellaneous) as well as the ability to preform magic through necromancy. As the game progresses, players are able to upgrade their equipment and unlock new skill through skill points that are awarded after either leveling up or completing certain quests.