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Cute Demon Crashers! is a silly little short game that gives a lazy virgin college student a fun and safe space to explore her first sexual experience with a partner of her choice, if she so desires.

In our team, we felt there was a need of consent and safe spaces in 18+ VNs for women, and NaNoRenO 2015 was the perfect excuse to make a game to fit those needs!

Since NaNoRenO is only a month long, we decided to focus on a short and fun story instead of developing a longer love story, so there is no "proper romance" in this game (no loving gazes and no declarations of love), however all parties care for each other and are very loving, gentle and compassionate.

Our keywords were: Cute, Silly, Super-Short, Safe and Vanilla.

We sadly didn't meet our end of March deadline, but we still wanted to release what we managed to complete, which were Akki's and Mirari's scenes, and we were surprised to meet with such a wonderful reception from fans! Many people came to us to share their impressions and even personal stories with us, and made us feel we were making a good thing. fans even donated money that we put towards a *special treat* (voice acting) we included in the final game.

After many months (we seriously didn't think it'd take this long...) we finally got it all done!

Thanks a lot to the people that supported us during our development, we couldn't have done this without you <3