CTR: Crash Team Racing

released in 1999 by Naughty Dog published by Sony Computer Entertainment
  • libretro Sony PlayStation version
  • libretro Sony PSP version

Crash Bandicoot's fourth outing in his record-breaking PlayStation series pits all your favourite characters against the evil Dr Nitros Oxide: an insane inventor transformed through a terrible childhood accident into an ultra-fast freak of nature. He is preparing to use The Hyper Activator, a power beam machine, to turn the world into a super-fast speed zone.

To combat him, Dr Neo Cortex has called together friends and enemies in a united attempt to out-race Nitros Oxide in his attempt to take control of the powerful Hyper Activator. In this latest development of the familiar Crash Bandicoot, Crash and his friends race to save the planet from this mob of evil wackos.

Challenge your friends in a series of exciting and demanding races to prove that you're not only the fastest, but also the most worthy to face Nitros Oxide in the testing final showdown. A whole host of racing options are available in this game of extreme playability. Choose from Adventure, Time Trial, Head-to-Head, Grand Prix or Battle modes. Pick up tons of weapons and power-ups, such as TNT crates, tracking missiles and poison beakers, to help you and hinder your opponents. You can also customise your cart in Lugnut's garage to help you power-skid through corners, nail tailgaters or boost your speed.

  • Genre: Racing
  • Platform: Sony PlayStation, Sony PSP

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