• Genre: Action, Adventure, Platform
  • Platform: Nintendo Game Boy Color, Sony PlayStation, Windows
  • Developer: Argonaut Software
  • Publisher: Fox Interactive
  • Release year: 1997

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  • Wine CD-ROM version last published 1 year, 4 months ago

    Creates a Wine prefix and installs Croc: Legend of the Gobbos from a CD-ROM for Microsoft Windows. Sets some registry keys necessary to properly run the game using Direct3D.

    Manual tasks:
    - You must manually proceed through the installation.

    - You will be required to set the resolution near the end of the script, as it was not possible to get a hexadecimal representation of screen resolution values using the script.

    - When first starting the game, you may need to set key bindings (Options > Customize Controls > Redefine Controls).

    Known issues:
    - Game music does not play, even with disc mounted or inserted.
    - Alt-tabbing will cause the application to go black.

  • libretro Playstation version last published 2 years, 9 months ago

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos is a 3D platform game where you play as a crocodile.

Small hairy creatures called Gobbos live peacefully on an island until one day they see a basket drifting in the water. After pulling it ashore they find a baby crocodile inside it. The Gobbos raise him as their own until he is three times their size. The game starts with the island being attacked by the evil Baron Dante and his minions. They capture most of the Gobbos, but the crocodile manages to escape. Now you need to rescue the Gobbos and fight Baron Dante and his minions.

As you make progress you visit several islands with different themes like a forest, snow, desert or castles. Along the way you have to collect crystals (which serve as health), rescue Gobbos and defeat enemies and bosses. You can attack enemies with your tail, destroy crates with a jump down attack and, in some stages, it is possible to swim. Secret stages and a secret island can be unlocked if all Gobbos are rescued and all jigsaw pieces in the secret stages are collected.