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Cortex Command is a strategy game with action elements. The game is set in the future when the most important people are brains without a body, but with advanced controls to their disposal which allows them to command mindless drones. The player's brain is an employee of a gold-mining company and has the goal to secure a planet with gold reserves. The campaign is divided into a strategical and tactical view. During the strategy part, the player builds a base somewhere on the planet and chooses the next mining site to take over. During those assaults, the game is played from a side-scrolling perspective and the player controls the drones. It is possible to switch between the drones and assign them tasks, but one of them is always controlled directly which in turn plays more like an action game. While the main task is to defeat the enemy, some drones should be assigned to mining - this brings in gold (the only resource) which in turn can be used to purchase more drones and equipment. The environment is completely open for destruction.