Chopper Rescue (Creativision)

released in 1982 by Vtech published by Vtech
  • mame CreatiVision version

You've really done it now. You've put yourself right in the pilot's seat. So be prepared for hours of high-flying excitement as you try to make a CHOPPER RESCUE.

A whole country is depending on you!

You have to do some of the trickiest flying that’s ever been done over three types of terrain. But you can't let anything stop you. You have to pick up vital medical supplies and deliver them where disaster has struck. If you fail, thousands will die.

Fly like you’ve never flown before

You have to avoid tall buildings and high-flying birds just to make the pick-up. And things get worse after that. In order to make the drop you have to have pinpoint accuracy and very steady nerves.

  • Genre: Arcade, Flight
  • Platform: CreatiVision

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