• Genre: Action, Shoot'em up
  • Platform: NES
  • Developer: Namco
  • Publisher: Bandai
  • Release year: 1985

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In this side-scrolling shooter, players take control of a VF-1 Valkyrie and do battle with the forces of the Zentradi. The main goal is to enter the Zentradi ship and destroy its reactor core.

The players Valkyrie can change its appearance and abilities by switching between its three forms: Fighter, Gerwalk, and Battroid. The Fighter form is the fastest but lacks an automatic cannon, the Gerwalk form has an automatic cannon, but is slower than the Fighter form, and the Battroid form has an automatic cannon and can also shoot behind itself, however it is also moves slower than the other two forms. All forms come with a limited supply of homing missiles that can be used.

During the game, players will come across power-up icons to collect. Power-ups can lend aid to the player, such as restoring lost power, restoring their missile supply, give them bonus points, and add an extra life.