Castlevania: The Adventure

released in 1989
  • libretro Game Boy version
  • citra Nintendo 3DS version
  • libretro Nintendo Game Boy Color version

Rid the universe of Dracula’s legion of darkness and doom.

After getting his wings clipped, the death-defying Count Dracula has risen again. Desiring revenge even more than blood, he’ll descend upon you with fangs that glisten by the light of the full moon. Play the role of another hero from a long lineage of vampire hunters, the Belmont clan. Battle your way through the Count’s maze of torture chambers and vampire crypts. Unlock the castle’s secrets by locating hearts, crystals and crosses. You must also possess the strength to master the Mystic Whip, which wards off unearthly evils like the She Worm. Risk your neck and accept the challenge. If you fail to destroy Dracula now, he will rule the night forever.

  • Genre: Platform
  • Platform: Game Boy, Game Boy, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Game Boy Color


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