• Genre: Action, Adventure, Platform
  • Platform: Sony PlayStation
  • Developer: KCEJ
  • Publisher: Konami
  • Release year: 1997

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Having been awoken from his eternal slumber by the reappearance of Castlevania, his father's magical castle, Alucard must once again face his destiny. Evil has arisen and Richter Belmont, the famous vampire hunter, has disappeared along with his fiancee, Maria.

Take control of Alucard as he plumbs the depths of Castlevania to search for the cause behind its sudden reappearance. Along the way Alucard can re-aquire his vampiric powers as well as using weapons, potions and other magical items. But he'll have to conserve his energy for the long battle against hordes of hideous undead and other minions of darkness. The war continues...