Cartagra ~Affliction of the Soul~

released in 2005 published by MangaGamer

―――It was a love rooted in delusion and madness.

Japan, six years after the war. One man sits on a train headed to Zushi: Takashiro Shugo―once a detective for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police.

Shugo reflects on the reason a retired cop like himself is heading to Zushi after reading a headline on the newspaper on his lap.

'Bizarre Serial Murders in Ueno―'

It’s the sort of incident that’s unusual in Japan. Shugo takes the train to Zushi now because of the detective in charge of this case: Arishima Kazuma, his former superior.

'Could I ask a favor of you?'

Arishima was his superior in Changsha, Manchuria, and later in the police department as well. Shugo couldn’t easily decline a favor from him. The job Arishima asked of him was a missing persons case: the disappearance of a girl from a wealthy family.

At the Kozuki estate, the home of the missing girl, Shugo meets Kozuka Kazuna, a girl who looks exactly the same as a woman Shugo was romantically involved with in the past―Kozuki Yura.

She begs him to find her missing twin sister.

But Yura’s father, Kozuki Keiichiro, tells Shugo:

'That girl is already dead…'

Truth and lies blend together as the curtain rises on the post-war town of Ueno, and the tragedies that are about to unfold…


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