BS The Legend of Zelda

released in 1995 by Nintendo Co., Ltd.
  • libretro Super Nintendo version

A downloadable game for the Satellaview add-on for the Super Famicom, BS The Legend of Zelda is a remake of the original The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game featured higher quality graphics and sound. Rather than playing as Link, you play one of the mascots of the BS-X Broadcasting System, and you can choose to play as a boy or a girl.

The game could only be played for one hour each week for a total of four weeks. As a result, each hour needed to be completed in one sitting, or the player would have to quickly catch up the next week. Each hour included two available dungeons and some non-dungeon events, and blocked off certain areas that were not to be accessed until future weeks. The map of Hyrule from the original game was also cut in half, so the game was broadcast twice, once for each map.

One key difference between the original and the remake is that in BS The Legend of Zelda, the Old Man periodically sends the player telepathic hints.

  • Genre: Action, Metroidvania, Puzzle
  • Platform: Super Nintendo

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