Broken Minds

released in 2017
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Broken Minds is a murder-mystery visual novel set in 90s Japan.

When lonely 20-something Noa Karada finds herself being stalked by a mysterious killer in a rabbit mask known as The Orphan, she contacts the Yamagata Private Detective Agency for help. However, as her case grows more complex, the detectives grow more distant and eccentric. Perhaps Noa would’ve been better off never letting them into her life at all…

Broken Minds features 26 different endings (though most, I should note, are small variations. There are, however 6 "main" endings). Conversations can go any number of ways, depending on how you play. By choosing to reply with "PSYCHOPATH", "NICE", or "BLEAK" responses, you can change the entire outcome of the game, and reveal the true culprit.

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