Brave Story: New Traveler

released in 2006 by Game Republic (JP) published by Sony Computer Entertainment
  • libretro Sony PSP version

An original title created specifically for the PSP & reg; system and developed by Game Republic (Genji series), Brave Story: New Traveler features beautifully rendered 3D graphics, an epic tale with a host of colorful supporting characters, and a traditional turn-based battle system easy for beginners to pickup and play but with enough depth and innovative features for seasoned gamers.

A role-playing game with an epic tale, introducing unique characters with distinct personalities and leading the player through the imaginative world of Vision as he learns to become a hero.
Traditional turn-based battle system enhanced by innovative features based on the story’s themes of friendship, courage, and growth.
Beautifully rendered 3D graphics with vibrant colors and a distinct visual style, highlighted by polished character and enemy movement, graphical representations of sound effects, and a unique animation for each special ability – all exceptionally well drawn and intricately textured.
Collect special birds which you can use in mini-games or trade in for rare and precious weapons, armor, and items.

  • Genre: jRPG
  • Platform: Sony PSP


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