Bobby Carrot Forever

released in 2011
  • libretro Nintendo Wii version

Puzzle adventure with hundreds of brain-bending levels, suitable for the entire family. Classic 2D old-school gaming.

Bobby Carrot isn’t just any hare. When he sleeps, he dreams of incredible adventures and fantastic worlds. Would you like to go with him today? Guide the famous puzzle hare through hundreds of exciting levels, find and use cool items, avoid obstacles and collect all carrots to win. Uncover the secret of the 6 golden carrots and meet new friends who will help you on your way.

Bobby Carrot rekindles the age of classic console gaming with charming 2D graphics and simplified controls. Lean back and enjoy a brain bending puzzle adventure for the whole family.


15 hours of adventure
based on an award winning series
sweeping soundtrack
over 70 levels included
download more levels (Add-On Content)
Quicksave Feature
3 savegame slots

  • Platform: Legacy Cellphone, Nintendo Wii


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