Blackguards 2

released in 2015
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Blackguards 2 is a turn-based strategy-RPG and will deliver challenging hexfield battles and a gritty story filled with violence and crime.

Choose your playstyle: no matter if front line combat monster, mage or ranged fighter it's in your hands how you want to develop your character. Every action has consequences, so make your decisions wisely. Death may be just around the corner.

-Recruit mercenaries, find upgrades and build an indomitable army
-Find the Vanquishers of the Nine Hordes and see what has become of Takate, Naurim and Zurbaran
-A story with many twists and turns, fateful decisions and more than 20 challenging hours of playtime awaits you
-Command up to 20 characters in your party and lead them to death or glory
-Master and finish the game on many different non-linear paths
-Make decisions influencing your squad and the ending of the game
-Choose your spells, talents and skills wisely, since they dictate your strategy on the battlefield. Give priority to offensive or tactic in challenging battles
-Interact with your environment and let walls collapse or even discover new routes on your journey through Aventuria
-Lay waste to your enemies with powerful spells and abilities. But be on your guard: your foes may wield them as well

  • Genre: RPG, Turn-based strategy
  • Platform: Mac, Sony Playstation 4, Windows, Xbox One

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