Bizarro Untergrund

released in 2023

A game written by Optimus6128 for 3DO using his own 3D engine called Bizarro Engine.

It is an early version made for the Retro Platform Jam #6, not entirely finished and the engine is not optimized yet to handle the big sprawling caves. Early versions of it with very small rooms or caves would run a bit better, but near the end he decided to draw some more corridors and cave as he thought it was very small for a level.

You basically use your particle weapon to mine gems of four kinds. Jagurel, Saturnite, Playstone and Threedium. Oxygen is depleted so you can't be too greedy. Green lamps will light the surrounding area but don't get too near as they damage you. Pink flowers are bouncing traps, they will proper you if you get close. Finally, there is no ending yet, either you jump in a box of stars like the first level or you die and the screen turns red. It's a work in progress that he will continue and optimize later after the compo ends.

  • Platform: 3DO


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