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  • Wine PC (Biomedia DRM FREE) version last published 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    This installer does not install the game, it merely configures what you need. Particularly, it sets the WINE version to tkg-protonified-4.1, which is necessary; the game does not work without it.

    + Use DXVK; default should work (1.7.1L-743f309 tested)
    + Virtual desktop works fine, but game may not assume fullscreen if so done
    + you will need to mount the game *.iso to a location such as `/run/media/$USER/BIONICLE`, then point the Lutris to `setup.exe`, install it, then fix it to the proper location in ~/.wine
    + You will need to edit $GAMEDIR/nuconfig.txt and change:
    - NU_PCRESW 1920 (or whatever width)
    - NU_PCRESH 1080 (or whatever height)

  • Wine Windows (Biomedia Project) version last published 1 year, 9 months ago

    This installer is a draft. It hasn't been reviewed and might not be finished.

    This does not actually install the game--you need to provide your own iso; the one from

    *Emulated Desktop causes poor performance and the game cannot load.
    -Emulated Desktop also will cause the cursor to disappear until the game is exited-out of if alt-tabbing away

    - - - -

    Firstly, actually load up the game, go into the video settings and set the graphics quality to what you desire, make sure Widescreen is set on, if given the option, and save your changes, to generate config file in Application Data.

    Then, cd to "/... /drive_c/users//Local Settings/Application Data/EIDOS/BIONICLE Heroes"

    Edit nuconfig.txt, at the bottom section, you'll see NU_PCRESW, NU_PCRESH, and NU_PCWIDESCREEN. These stand for PC Resolution Width and height, respectively, and the final sets the game to widescreen mode.

    To use Widescreen, set NU_PCWIDESCREEN to high (1), and then change the width and height to whatever you like--1920x1080 works perfectly.

The Official BIONICLE® Video Game, Unleash The Power Of Bionicle Heroes!

Play as the heroic Toa or villainous Piraka.

Battle against over 50 BIONICLE characters past and present.

Explore and battle your way through the exciting jungles, volcanoes, and deserts of Voya Nui.

Master the unique elemental weapons and abilities of each character: walk on fire, water... and more!