beatmania THE FINAL

released in 2002 published by Konami

beatmania THE FINAL is a rhythm game developed by Konami. It is the thirteenth and final game in the beatmania series and is part of the BEMANI franchise.

The game is played with a controller with one turn table and 5 keys, three white and two black. On the screen you will see bars moving from the top to bottom in columns representing each of the keys and the turntable. When the bars reach the judgement line it is time to scratch.

The focus of the game is to make the ultimate beatmania version, thus a huge amount of songs was brought back. Because of this the game had to make some sacrifices due to memory limitations. Movies are now displayed in a little box with generic animations from the series playing. Only a few songs have unique clips. The miss animations are missing because of this as well.

Detailed judgement information is now present on the side of play, like the one you could enable in 7thMIX. STEALTH was added as a modifier.

Songs from the entire series except from DREAMS COME TRUE show up. 116 songs were restored from earlier games in the series. An additional 62 new songs were added for a total of 178 songs. The largest song list in the entire series.

  • Platform: Arcade

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