beatmania featuring Dreams Come True

released in 2000 published by Konami

beatmania featuring DREAMS COME TRUE is a rhythm game developed by Konami. It is the tenth game in the beatmania series and is part of the BEMANI franchise.

The game is played with a controller with one turn table and 5 keys, three white and two black. On the screen you will see bars moving from the top to bottom in columns representing each of the keys and the turntable. When the bars reach the judgement line it is time to scratch.

The only release in the series to be devoted to a single artist, the J-POP band Dreams Come True. Because of this, artist information is omitted from the song select screen. It is the only beatmania arcade version to feature song previews on the song select. A special mode called MONKeY LIVE is introduced, it acts as EXPERT mode in earlier mixes but has a small MONKeY LIVE section between songs which lets you earn back a bit of lost gauge. None of the songs have an ANOTHER chart.

The entire song list is dedicated to Dreams Come True, which means the game has a total of 18 tracks. The smallest selection in the series since the original beatmania game.

  • Platform: Arcade

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