beatmania Club MIX

released in 2000 published by Konami

beatmania clubMIX is a rhythm game developed by Konami. It is the eighth game in the beatmania series and is part of the BEMANI franchise.

The game is played with a controller with one turn table and 5 keys, three white and two black. On the screen you will see bars moving from the top to bottom in columns representing each of the keys and the turntable. When the bars reach the judgement line it is time to scratch.

The songs from completeMIX 2 were downgraded in difficulty section, HARD charts became NORMAL charts and ANOTHER charts became HARD charts. No changes was made to the charts themselves. The new ANOTHER charts added to the game were not ranked, even though completeMIX 2 started ranking ANOTHER charts.

beatmania clubMIX is a release where the focus is to have as much licensed club songs as possible. Therefore, only 10 Konami made songs from beatmania completeMIX 2 return in the game, with 7 new original songs made for the game. The remaining 14 songs are all licensed songs. Total amount of songs in the game is 31.

  • Platform: Arcade

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