Battle Circuit

released in 1997

In this side-scrolling beat'em up, 5 wacky colour-coded characters fight to arrest 'Dr. Saturn' and stop the 'Shiva System' from taking over the world! Earn money to buy special moves and power-ups. This game has 7 stages...

* Stage 1: Inside enemy ship.

* Stage 2: Fever in disco, den of evil.

* Stage 3: Dead heat in desert.

* Stage 4: Sneak in and foil Dr. Saturn's plans.

* Stage 5: Jungle Battle, escape from death line.

* Stage 6: Chase Zipang as you go down river.

* Final Stage: Showdown, desperate battle with Shiva system.

* Secret: Last battle, stop Master Program.

  • Genre: Beat'em up
  • Platform: Arcade

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