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Banzo - Marks of Slavery is a turn-based strategy and resource management game. The player assumes the role of Queen Zeferina, who commands the Vulture's Quilombo, at Brazil imperial age. Zeferina is responsible for organizing, producing food, protecting the quilombo, attacking farms and releasing enslaved people.

Use all available resources, train warriors, fight tough battles, make inroads to free your enslaved brethren, make decisions about who can join the quilombo. Be strategic and sagacious, but, above all, have faith in the deities that will help you. Resist!

Enjoy an unique and immersive storytelling
Play campaing mode for free mode
Deploy warriors to sack nearby farms
Train farmers to produce resources
Choose a deity to protect your people
Hear an original soundtrack

Banzo - Marks of Slavery won the App Pra Cultura public contest and was funded by brazilian Ministry of Culture.