Baldr Force

released in 2002
  • pcsx2 Sony PlayStation 2 version

In the future, cyberspace has become exceedingly dominant. Armed conflicts and cyber-terrorism flourished. Giant mechas known as Simulacrums are utilized for battles within the cyberspace. Toru Souma is an expert hacker of the Steppenwolf group, which specializes in stealing and selling valuables from servers. One day, Toru was caught in a battle between the military organization FLAK and a terrorist group. In a series of events, his friend was killed. Stricken by grief, Toru decides to avenge his death and joins FLAK, only to unravel a much larger conspiracy.

Baldr Force is a follow-up to Baldr Bullet. It uses a different scenario and character cast, but is very close to its predecessor gameplay-wise. Like in Baldr Bullet (and unlike Baldrhead), there is no exploration of any kind in the game, and all battles take place within confined areas as dictated by the plot. Combat system is nearly identical to that of the previous game, with the exception of "force crashes", powerful attacks that can be equipped on the protagonist's mech. The game's plot may branch depending on the decisions taken by the player during the visual novel-like portions.

  • Platform: Dreamcast, Sony PlayStation 2, Windows


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