Baldr Force EXE

released in 2003
  • Wine 2003 PC DVD version last published 1¬†month, 3¬†weeks ago
    For the original DVD release in ISO format
    Game generates 20+ errors upon game close; Spam Enter to clear them all.
    Running in a virtual desktop to prevent crashes on alt+tab.
  • pcsx2 Sony PlayStation 2 version

Baldr Force EXE is an enhanced release of Baldr Force. It adds a new weapon (gravity field), a "very easy" difficulty level, and a Hell Mode, which puts the player in a row of increasingly challenging battles. The PlayStation 2 version also adds Hyper and Time Attack gameplay modes, voice-overs, and a new intro. The Windows release retains the explicit sex scenes, while the console releases removes them.

  • Genre: Action, Visual novel
  • Platform: Dreamcast, Sony PlayStation 2, Windows


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