Autodesk Fusion 360

  • Wine Admin version last published 2 months ago
  • Wine Latest (DX9) version last published 10 months ago
    Silent Admin Install (latest)
    Downloads the latest Admin Install executable from Autodesk.
    It uses Gallium Nine instead of DXVK so it needs to run in DirectX 9 mode.
    If the main 3D window does not render it's most probably due to the app being in DX11 mode.
    You can check which driver the app uses in the following ways:
    - Help -> Support and Diagnostics -> Graphics Diagnostics (look at the GPU Driver API)
    - File -> View -> Show Text Commands, Press "Txt" at the bottom right and execute this command: `Options.driver`
    - Check the file `$GAMEDIR/drive_c/users/$USER/AppData/Roaming/Autodesk/Neutron Platform/Options/NMachineSpecificOptions.xml`. If it does not have a `` or if its value isn't `VirtualDeviceDx9` you're not running DirectX 9.

    To fix it do one of the following:
    - In text commands enter the command `Options.driver /DX9` and restart
    - Close the app and edit the xml file mentioned above and under `` enter the following line: ``
  • Wine Testing version last published 6 months, 2 weeks ago
    Downloads newest client from Autodesk and patches the installer for installation.
    Notes about the Installer:
    Known issues:
    - The GUI's floating tooltip/toolsettings windows seem to float above anything, resize them once for a small amount to stop them from staying on top of everything, some menues also need to be clicked once too.
    - Some native dialogs like a filepicker can pop up under a floating window from Fusion. It can be tricky to get to that window sometimes.
    - Do not try to use the "Learning Panel"

    - The installer will, after downloading files and applying patched, launch the 'fusion installer'. It will look frozen for a while while it is downloading the fusion files
    - Once it's done, the login page will pop up
    - After login you'll need to change the grapics driver to DirectX 9:
    (check this video:
    - Go to your preferences by clicking on your name on the top right
    - Under Graphics Driver, select DirectX 9
    - Hit Apply
    - Don't Restart! Instead, kill the lutris-wrapper process with your task-manager
    - Now the scrip will patch some things again and launch (the now installed) Fusion
    - Test around and check if you can create a sketch and draw around
    - After testing, you might need to kill the lutris-wrapper again to fully close it for the first time
    - Now everything is finished

    This install script has been tested with a intel cpu and integrated graphics and a amd ryzen cpu with amd radeon gpu

Fusion 360 is the first 3D CAD, CAM, and CAE tool of its kind that connects your entire product development process in a single cloud-based platform that works on PC, Mac, and mobile devices.

Fusion 360 offers free use to qualifying hobbyist makers through a simple 3-step activation process.

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