Auto Destruct

released in 1998 by Neurostone published by Electronic Arts
  • libretro Sony PlayStation version

Your family was murdered by a nihilistic cult. Driven by revenge, you join a mysterious underground order to even the score. Your mission: fire up your killer ride, load up on devastating weapons, and drive the cultists out of town.

* Mission-based car combat with 25 action-packed levels
* Challenging, varied objectives: search and destroy, escort and defend, race to the death
* 12 devastating weapons: Machine guns, missiles, plasma, cannons, smokescreens, oil slicks, and more!
* Defend real cities from New York to Tokyo - 3-D environments, pedestrians, and cross traffic
* Multiple camera angles from in-car to full overhead views
* Manage fuel, ammo, and armor resources

  • Genre: Racing
  • Platform: Sony PlayStation

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