• Genre: RPG
  • Platform: Linux
  • Developer: Arkane Studios
  • Release year: 2002

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Open engine only

An epic role-playing game in a huge and entirely interactive world.

Cast away from the surface of the Earth by the disappearance of the sun, Mankind lives hidden in the underground fortress of Arx. Humans only have magic left to fend off starvation and survive against ratmen and dragons...

But the danger is much greater. Lurking in the eternal darkness of the mines, it collects the innocent souls of the city. It is not a monster. It is not human. It is pure Evil.

The adventure begins. Soon Arx Fatalis, the fate of Arx, will be in your hands.

* Fight in real-time: aim and kill with axes, magic, swords and bows.
* Meet goblins, the undead, golems, demons, dragons... and worst of all: humans.
* Unique magic system: 50 spells to create, drawing the runes on-screen!
* Warrior, mage, thief, multi-classed: repair your own weapons and armor, create your potions, put torches out...
* 5.1 real-time sound for total immersion.