Arthur's Teacher Trouble

released in 1994
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Arthur's Teacher Trouble is a single-player educational game that's based on the eleventh book in the Arthur series written and illustrated by Marc Brown.

The story starts at the beginning of a new term. Arthur's now in third grade and has a new teacher, Mr. Ratburn. Arthur is sure that third grade means trouble as Mr. Ratburn has a reputation for handing out lots of homework and, sure enough, he assigns the class homework on the very first day of school. The next day, Mr. Ratburn gives the class a hundred spelling words to learn. Everyone goes home to study because there will be a spelling test based on these words. The day of the test arrives and everyone does very well but only two pupils get all their words correct, Arthur and The Brain. These two are picked to represent Mr. Ratburn's class in the all-school spellathon.

The game has two modes of play, 'Let Me Play' and 'Read To Me'. In the 'Read To Me' mode the game reads the story to the player highlighting the words being spoken as it progresses. This takes around nine and a half minutes to complete and each screen/page of the book is animated. The 'Let Me Play' mode allows the player to interact with each page much more. Clicking on posters on the noticeboard will cause the pictures to dance, when his mum bakes cookies they sing and so-on.

  • Genre: Casual, Educational
  • Platform: Linux, Windows

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