• Genre: Action, Third-person shooter
  • Platform: Nintendo 64, Sony PlayStation, Sony PlayStation 2
  • Release year: 2000

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A 2-inch femme fatale named Brigette is but the latest creation from the wacky gang at 3DO.

This go-round, Sarge teams up with a G.I. Jane named Vikki in a campaign for survival against the nefarious Tan Army. It seems that the Tans' General Plastro, in his ceaseless quest to wipe Sarge and his Bravo Company from the face of the earth, has enlisted the aid of Blue Spy Brigette Bleu.

Sarge and Vikki battle their way across desktops and under beds in 14 missions, each with as many as five unique objectives, en route to a final showdown with the pugnacious Plastro and his troops. Sarge's Heroes 2 will boast "Plastic World" environments, in which Sarge appears human-sized, and "Real World" environments, in which he's his usual pocket-sized self.