• Genre: Action, Shooter
  • Platform: Nintendo Game Boy Advance
  • Release year: 2001

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Some things will never change. Weird Al will never stop kickin' out funky polkas, Nintendo will never stop improving the performance of Game Boy systems, and little Green Army Men will always wage war against tiny Tan Army Men.

Key Features
* Travel between the Human World and Plastic Soldier World.
* 17 Environments and sub-levels to explore.
* Play as fearless Bravo Company leader Sarge or as Ace Reporter Vikki
* Terrorize the Tans with five unique weapons: M16, M60, Flamethrower, Bazooka and Grenades
* Foes include Tan Soldiers, Aliens, Dust Mites, Beetles, Robots, Wasps and the evil Plastro
* Pilot tanks and boats
* Experience a variety of challenges, from full-on combat to challenging puzzles and perplexing mazes.
* Blow up vehicles, piggy banks, electrical outlets, tennis balls and other objects to find valuable power-ups and puzzle pieces
* Use the Password entry feature to come back to the game at any point

The Army Men franchise shines on Game Boy Advance, with responsive play control and bright, vibrant graphics. For anyone who's ever savored the smell of plastic soldiers smoldering under a magnifying glass on a hot summer day, Army Men Advance delivers a solid blast of nostalgic fun.