Armored Brigade

released in 2018
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Armored Brigade is a real-time tactical wargame, focusing on realism and playability.
The game has drawn inspiration from classics such as Steel Panthers, Close Combat and Combat Mission.

Main features:

Real-time engine
Time period: 1965-1991
Factions: US, USSR, West and East Germany, UK, Finland and Poland
Lowest level unit is a single team/vehicle
Dynamic AI
Huge maps, based on real terrain. The maximum battle size is about 15x15 kilometers
A battle generator for unlimited replayability
Neutral units
Artillery with several munition types
Close air support, air defences. Air-to-air engagements are possible
Fortifications, obstacles and breaching
Dynamic time of day and variable visibility, wind and ground conditions
Night vision equipment, smoke generators, illumination flares
Unit morale, training level and fatigue, command delay
A database editor for the factions, units, weapons etc.
3D sound engine
And much more...

  • Genre: Historical, Real-time strategy, Strategy
  • Platform: Windows
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