• Genre: Adventure
  • Platform: MS-DOS
  • Release year: 1997

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It is the summer of 1997 and somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean an historic event is about to occur. A rag tag team of four intrepid explorers descends to the depths of the ocean in their search to locate and enter the mythological, sunken city of Atlantis. However, something has gone wrong.

Four days after the team’s last communication, in a frazzled editor’s office high above the streets of London, Richard Kendall is informed of their disappearance. This starts an adventure which will take you to the four corners of the globe. “Ark of Time” treats you to a visual feast, passing through environments including the lush Caribbean Island of Rum Cay, the austere grandeur of a Medieval church, the natural splendour of Stonehenge and Easter Island and ultimately to the breathtakingly beautiful city of Atlantis.