Aria's Story

released in 2018
  • Wine version last published 1 year ago
    This installer extracts the game, download RTP and the needed libraries and fixes music playback.
    For Spanish, English, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese language, download the game in this link:

    For brazilian portuguese, download in this link from Zero Corpse website:

    For a Vietnamese language patch, download from hoshivsub site:

Aria's Story is a horror RPG game focused on exploration, story and puzzles.
Synopsis: “Aria is a bookworm who loves adventure stories and always spends her free time in the library. One day she falls asleep while reading a book and when she wakes up the library is closed. Believing that they forgot to wake her up, she tries to find a way out… In that moment she becomes the protagonist of her own story.”


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