Apache Longbow Assault

released in 2004
  • pcsx2 Sony PlayStation 2 version

Apache Longbow Assault is a helicopter simulator for the AH-64 Apache Longbow variant and the follow-up to AH-64 Apache Air Assault. Similar to the previous game it is a mix of a simulation and arcade so players can start right away. The in-game cockpit then serves largely as a reference frame rather than complex manipulation by the player.

The only game mode is a linear campaign that consists of about 30 missions. They take place during different times of day, weather and over varied terrain, including mountains, beaches and seas. It features head-to-head fights with other helicopters, attacking AA batteries, ships and ground vehicles, rescue operations and defense missions. Before starting the mission, a loadout can be defined as it is possible to run out of ammo. Weapons include Hydra rockets, Hellfire missiles and a M230 cannon. Optionally automatic targeting can be enabled. There is a night vision view and flares can be launched to assist the ground operations.

  • Platform: Sony PlayStation 2, Windows


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